Monday, 5 May 2008

Annual PSA meeting in Swansea

The following papers were presented at the annual PSA conference in Swansea.

In the panel on Southern European Exceptionalism and Italy (63):
  • Gallo, Ernesto, "From Southern European to Italian exceptionalism?"
  • Mastropaolo, Alfio, and McDonnell, Duncan, "Southern European Exceptionalism: different sides of the debate"
  • Pasquino, Gianfranco, and Valbruzzi, Marco, "Still an Outlier: Italy in a Southern European Comparative Perspective"
In the panel on Democracy in Southern Europe and Institutional Adaptation (65)
  • Casal Bertoa, Fernando, "Party System Institutionalisation in New Democracies: Lessons from Southern Europe"
  • Charamboulous, Giorgos, "Rifondazione and Europe: A party competition analysis"
  • Stolfi, Francesco, "The Impact of Electoral Systems on the Structure of the Executive: How Electoral Reform Strengthened the Italian Prime Minister"
  • Cento Bull, Anna, "The Italian transition and national reconciliation"