Saturday, 30 January 2010

PSA 2010

The Italian Politics Specialist Group is involved in a wide series of events at the 2010 PSA Conference in Edinburgh from 30 March - 1 April.

(1) Duncan McDonnell and James Newell have organized an eight-panel workshop on the theme ‘Party leadership in Western Europe: Strictly Personal?’

This workshop has won £2000 of funds from the PSA Guest Speaker Fund for three guest speakers: Hanspeter Kriesi, Senator Giorgio Tonini and Luca Verzichelli.

Other presenters include Daniele Albertazzi, Mauro Barisione, Donatella Campus, Giovanna Cosenza, Fabrizio Di Mascio, Frazer Duncan, Sciltian Gastaldi, Christian Kolmer, Marco Lisi, Claudia Mariotti, Oscar Mazzoleni, Duncan McDonnell, Darragh Mulcahy, James Newell, Lea Prijon, Cinzia Padovani, Josep Mª Reniu, Lorenzo Santoro,

Antonella Seddone, Georges Tassiopoulos, Matevz Tomsic, Andrea Ungari, Federico Viotti

(2) Daniele Albertazzi, Umut Korkut and James Newell have organized three panels on the ‘Morality, political scandals and the detachment of citizens from the political process’. Speakers include Francesco Amoretti, Hélène Bilger-Street, Cristopher Cepernich, Diego Garzia, Umut Korkut, James Newell, Pietro Pirani, Franca Roncarolo, Cristian Vaccari and James Walston.

(3) Maurizio Carbone has organized a panel on "Italian foreign policy since the end

of the Cold War" with papers by Giovanni Adornino, Maurizio Carbone, Lorenzo Cladi and Luca Ratti.

The Conference homepage is

Those planning to attend the conference should register by 14 February. See here for details.