Sunday, 30 January 2011

Italian Politics @ PSA 2011

The Italian Politics Specialist Group is involved in a wide series of events at the 2011 PSA Conference in London from 19-21 April.

  1. Oscar Mazzoleni and Duncan McDonnell, in conjunction with the Local Politics Specialist Group, have organized panels on ‘New Local Politics: Parties, Mayors and Councillors in Comparative Perspective’.

  2. Presenters include Ulas Bayraktar, Michael Buehler, Colin Copus, Rotem Bresler Gonen, Annick Magnier, Oscar Mazzoleni, Duncan McDonnell, Gianfranco Pasquino, Marco Valbruzzi, Alex Wilson.

  3. James Newell has organized panels on ‘The Italian presidency in the post-war political system’ and ‘The election of 2008 and the Italian political system: Quo vadis?’.

  4. Presenters include Donatella Campus, Luigi Ceccarini, Phil Cooke, Rosario Forlenza, Giovanni Guzzetta, Gaspare Nevola, Caterina Paolucci, Gianfranco Pasquino, Bjorn Thomassen, Andreas Ungari, James Walston.

  5. Maurizio Carbone has organized a panel on ‘Italy in the International Arena: Inclusion, Credibility, Reforms’ and a roundtable on Roundtable: Italy in the Post-Cold War Order: Adaptation, Bipartisanship and Visibility’

  6. Presenters include Federiga Bindi, Maurizio Carbone, Osvaldo Croci, Paul Furlong, Christopher Hill, Gianfranco Pasquino.

Details of all conference panels can be found at the PSA conference website

Those planning to attend the conference should register by 20 February 2011.