Sunday, 9 September 2007

Call for papers on southern European politics

UK Political Studies Association (PSA) Annual Conference, 1 - 3 April 2008


A major theme in comparative European politics in recent years has been the decline of southern European 'exceptionalism' - the theme that various similarities that differentiated the southern European countries from their northern European counterparts have progressively disappeared or at least become considerably less pronounced. In order to explore this thesis (and expecially the factors that may be responsible for it and the sectors in which it does, and does not hold up), the Greek Politics Specialist Group and the Italian Politics Specialist Group are seeking to organise a panel or panels on the theme of southern European politics. Papers focussing on any of the following topics will especially welcome:

  • Security and/or foreign policy

  • Public administration and/or the welfare state

  • Party and electoral politics
  • Papers may have a case-study focus, and thus focus on one southern European country, or else they may focus on more than one country.

Proposals, in the region of 200 words, should be sent, by 21 September, to Dimitris Tsarouhas, Antonios Aggelakis and James Newell

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