Friday, 20 January 2012

Italian Politics @ PSA 2012

The Group will sponsor a number of panels at the PSA annual conference. In 2012, the panels are to be as follows:

  1. ‘Long-lost brothers? Italy and the UK in comparative perspective’

  2. "Development here and there: utopia or real chance? Comparative research on Ghanaian migrants’ associations in Italy and in the UK"
    Francesco Marini

    "Italy and the UK: Lost Brothers or Fruitful Friends? The cases of the Democratic and Labour Party Primaries – Notes for mutual lessons"
    Mara Morini and Antonella Seddone

    "Britain and Italy in the 1980s: Anti-political or post-political age? Intellectual discourses in comparative perspective"
    Marzia Maccaferri

  3. ‘Long-lost brothers? Italy and the UK in comparative perspective 2’

    "Comparing Institutional reforms in Italy and the UK"
    Gianfranco Baldini

    "Italian and UK devolutions compared: Does bringing the design and delivery of policy ‘closer to the people’ really increase accountability?"
    Laura Polverari and James Mitchell

    "Italy’s Paradox of Trust, and how it is being Resolved"
    Paul Furlong

  4. 'Back to the future 2 – The endless return of "the centre" in Italian politics'

  5. "Party System Structure and the Quality of Government"
    Mark Donovan

    "Alliance with the Center? Homogeneity of Coalitions and Political Culture in Italy"
    Paola Bordandini and Roberto Cartocci

    "The Italian Centre-Left's (Last) Best Hope?"
    Simona Guerra

  6. Roundtable: Author meets critics. Bill Emmott’s book on Italy and how to begin again after Berlusconi

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