Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Italian Politics Specialist Group at the PSA's annual conference, Manchester 14-16 April 2014

The Italian Politics Specialist Group had a very productive time at last week's annual conference of the Political Studies Association!

The IPSG held its annual group meeting in Manchester, and we are delighted to announce the following additions to our executive committee:

Dr Laura Polverari (University of Strathclyde) is joining us as our group's secretary, and
Dr Antonella Seddone (University of Turin) is joining us as SISP & Italy liaison officer. At the meeting Dr Arianna Giovannini was also appointed as co-convenor of the IPSG, whilst maintaining her role as communication officer.

The group also set its agenda for next the next year, which will involve very interesting activities and prizes -- details of which will be posted on this page very shortly.

Furthermore, the IPSG organised three panels at this year's PSA conference:
We would like to thank Dr Arjan Schakel (Maastricht University), Dr Joanie Willett & John Rowe (University of Exeter), Dr Monica Poletti (University of Milan), Dr Annarita Criscitello (University of Naples), Dr Giulia Sandri (Catholic University of Lille), Raffaele Borreca (University of Peloponnese) as well as our group's members Prof. Jim Newell, Dr Antonella Seddone and Dr Arianna Giovannini for participating to our panels presenting very intersting and thought-provoking papers.

Arjan Schakel, Antonella Seddone, Arianna Giovannini, Joanie Willet and John Rowe - "Politicisation of Identities in Peripheral Regions", Panel discussion

The IPSG at the PSA's annual dinner: Antonella Seddone, Giulia Sandri, Arianna Giovannini, Annarita Criscitello, Paul Furlong and Laura Polverari

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