Monday, 27 April 2015

IPSG at the PSA annual Conference, Sheffield (30 March - 1 April 2015)

The Italian Politics Specialist Group had a very productive time at the annual conference of the Political Studies Association, which was held in Sheffield this year!

The IPSG held its annual general meeting in Sheffield, and re-elected its executive committee. We are delighted to announce our new EC line-up, which includes 'old' and new members: 

Prof. James L. Newell (University of Salford) - Chair & Secretary
Dr Daniele Albertazzi (University of Birmingham) - Co-Convenor
Dr Arianna Giovannini (University of Huddersfield) - Co-Convenor & Communication Officer
Dr Mark Donovan (University of Cardiff) - Membership Officer
Dr Giulia Sandri (Université Catholique de Lille) - International Relations Officer
Stefano Camatarri (University of Milan) - Post-Graduate Officer 

Dr Laura Polverari (University of Strathclyde) and Dr Antonella Seddone (University of Turin) will continue to stand as Secretary and SISP & Italy Liaison Officer respectively.
The group also set its agenda for next the next year, which will involve very interesting international activities - details of which will be posted on this page very shortly.

At this year's conference, the IPSG had the pleasure to host (jointly with CEPG) a  
lecture by Prof. Cas Mudde
Prof. Cas Mudde's Lecture

Furthermore, the group organised three panels:
Dr Daniele Albertazzi, Dr Eva Garau and Dr Lisa Lanzone
 We would like to thank Dr Umut Korkut (Glasgow Caledonian University), Dr Mari K. Niemi (University of Strathclyde), Dr Lena Karamanidou (City University), Ms Sanja Badanjak (University of Wisconsin - Madison), Dr Daniele Albertazzi (University of Birmingham), Dr Eva Garau (University of Cagliari), Dr Maria Elisabetta Lanzone (University of Pavia), Ms Esther Masana (University of Granada), Professor Paul Taggart and Dr Emily Robinson (University of Sussex), Stefano Camatarri (University of Milano), Dr Antonella Seddone (University of Cagliari), Dr Giulia Sandri (Université Catholique de Lille) and Dr Fabio Bordignon (Università di Urbino Carlo Bo (Italy) for participating to our panels presenting very intersting and thought-provoking papers.

          Fabio Bordignon, Stefano Camatarri, Fortunato Musella, Dario Quattromani, Paul Furlong, Daniele Albertazzi, Jim Newell and Luigi Ceccarini enjoying the PSA's conference dinner

Fabio Bordignon, Jim Newell, Luigi Ceccarini and Daniele Albertazzi at the IPSG dinner

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