Monday, 12 February 2007

Papers presented on Italian politics in Aberdeen, 2002

The following papers were presented at specialist group panels at the Political Studies Association's 52nd Annual Conference in Aberdeen, between the 5th and 7th April 2002.

Transition in Italian Politics I
  • Mi-Kyung Kim (Texas A&M University): ‘Government Stability, Public Debt and Italian Electoral Reform: An Intervention Time Series Analysis (1994-2000)’.
  • Mark Donovan (University of Wales, Cardiff): ‘Italy: Rebuilding the Nation State’.
Transition in Italian Politics II
  • Anna Bull (University of Bath): ‘Towards a federal state? Competing proposals for reforming Italy’ s centre-periphery relations’.
  • Carl Levy (Goldsmiths College, London): ‘Italian Regionalism 1992-2002’.
Transition in Italian Politics III
  • Osvaldo Croci (Memorial University of Newfoundland): ‘Italian foreign policy in the 1990s’.
  • Luca Ratti (University of Wales, Cardiff): ‘Continuity and consensus in Italian foreign policy’.
Transition in Italian Politics IV
  • Benito Giordano (University of Manchester): ‘The May 2001 general election in Italy and the demise of the Northern League’.
  • Mark Donovan (University of Wales, Cardiff): ‘Berlusconi, strong government and the Italian state’.

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