Friday, 3 May 2013


"Girlfriend in a coma" is a feature documentary produced, written and directed by Annalisa Piras (L'Espresso) and co-written and narrated by Bill Emmott (former editor of the Economist).

The title, taken from a song by the Smiths, refers to the state of lethargy in which Italy has fallen -- a coma from which the country has to wake up. The documentary explores Italy’s political, economic and social decline over the past twenty years, looking at what Emmott labels as "Mala Italia" as well as the "Buona Italia", and includes interviews with former Prime Minister Mario Monti, politicians like Emma Bonino and the recently appointed Italian PM Enrico Letta, as well as film director Nanni Moretti, philosopher Umberto Eco,  FIAT CEO Sergio Marchionne, the author of Gomorra Roberto Saviano, and many others.

The documentary is beautiful and cruel, and provides a trenchant analysis of contemporary Italy.

The trailer of GIAC is available here:

The full documentary can be purchased through GIAC's official website.

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