Monday, 27 May 2013

Italy local elections -- a test for the new government?

This Sunday and Monday Italians will go to the polls again to vote for local elections.
In total, 565 local authorities will hold elections -- but most of the attention is on Rome mayoral vote.

In the capital city the contest will be between the outgoing mayor Gianni Alemanno (PdL) and Ignazio Marino (PD), and resembles therefore the frictions underpinning the recently appointed government led by Enrico Letta.

Opinion polls give Marino a few points ahead of Alemanno, but after the results of February 2013 general election nothing can be taken for granted in the voting behaviour of Italians.

The results of this local elections will be crucial to understand not only the way in which the Italian electorate is reacting towards the current government, but also to assess the impact of the growing sense of distrust towards party politics and the widespread anti-politics feelings on voting attitudes and turnout.

More details on Italian local elections can be found in this article published on BBC News.

Ignazio Marino (PD) and Gianni Alemanno (PdL)

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