Sunday, 21 July 2013

Italy meets Germany - A Forum for Young Leaders

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) is organising a week-long seminar in Berlin (23-27 August) around the theme of "Common Strategies and Bilateral Relations in the New Era of Diplomacy" as part of the Italy meets Germany: A Forum for Young Leaders (IMG) network.

The event is targeted at students and young professionals with an active interest in Italy and Germany. The program will consist of speeches, panel discussions and seminars held by leading figures and experts from the fields of politics, economics, diplomacy, academia, civil society, and the private sector from around the world. In addition to the academic components, participants will take part in a range of social and cultural activities that will allow them to experience Berlin’s unique cultural landscape. 

Further information about the event and the IMG network can be found at this link


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