Monday, 22 July 2013

The electoral roots and the political consequences of the 24-25 February 2013 Italian elections

The journal Contemporary Italian Politics has just published a Special Issue on the 2013 Italian elections, edited by Sergio Fabbrini and Marc Lazar.

The papers offer a fascinating insight into the 2013 Italian election and a timely analysis of the key issues at stake. 
Here's the table of contents of the Special Issue:

The (apparent) calm after the storm (J.L. Newell and M. Carbone)

Still a difficult democracy? Italy between populist challenges and institutional weakness
(S. Fabbrini and M. Lazar)

The Italian election of February 2013: the end of the Second Republic? (R. D'Alimonte)
The election campaign and the 'last-minute' deciders (L. Ceccarini and I. Diamanti)
The 2013 Italian elections in historical perspective (L. Giugni and M. Lazar)
Negative Europeanisation: European issues in the Italian electios (R. Dehousse)
Leader and parties after the Italian elections (S. Ventura)
Solving the government's puzzle: the controversial consequences of the Italian elections (S.Ventura)

Desperately seeking a middleman (T. Boeri)

The Special Issue is available at this link.

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