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"European Democracy Under Stress" - Conference Programme

The Italian Politics Specialist Group is delighted to open the registration for its annual conference:



13th-14th January 2017- Department of Cultures, Politics and Society (DCPS), University of Turin

A conference organised by the Political Studies Association’s Italian Politics and Anti-politics Specialist Groups, with the support of the PSA Pushing the Boundaries Scheme, and the Faculdade de Ciencias Sociais e Humanas, Universidade Nova De Lisboa

European democracies are under pressure. The rise of alternative left and right political parties and new populist parties, discontent with traditional ‘slow’ political processes and growing preferences among citizens for internet and social media-driven movements and the increasing success of ‘antipolitics’ rhetoric have seen politicians across European liberal democracies struggle to retain their relevance in an increasingly globalised, fast-paced social and economic world. Moreover, European leaders are facing increasing difficulties to deal with a growing confluence of crises, including an unprecedented influx of refugees, discontent at harsh austerity measures imposed on EU member states, and more broadly dissatisfaction with the European integration project. This is clearly manifested in the growth of euro-sceptic parties and anti-EU feelings even in traditionally ‘Europhile’ countries, and in the recent ‘Brexit’ referendum in the UK. The dynamics and forms of these pressures are multidimensional and compound: they have different roots and have taken different paths across Europe, and yet they converge in challenging political structures and the very institution of democracy.

The aim of this conference is to offer a distinctive approach in capturing such complexity, inviting contributions from scholars across Europe that will: reflect on the causes, symptoms, effects, and long-term consequences of the so-called ‘democratic crisis’; develop explicitly comparative insights into the European ‘democratic crisis’, within and between countries as well as at the transnational ‘European’ level; offer an opportunity to ‘redefine’, in the light of current changes and challenges, the key concepts (e.g. anti-politics, politicisation/de-politicisation, populism, political participation, and the very idea of ‘democracy’) underpinning the debate on ‘democratic crisis’.

The conference will open with a keynote address by Simona Piattoni (Professor of Politics at the University of Trento, and President of SISP, the Italian Political Science Society), entitled 'Revisiting democratic principles in times of heightened interconnectedness'.
The event will include panels with papers from international scholars, as well as a workshop on experiments of deliberative democracy in Turin (‘A deliberative experience: two editions of the Turin Deliberative Budget. Promises and pitfalls from different democratic perspectives'), delivered by Stefania Ravazzi and Gianfraco Pomatto (members of the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society at the University of Turin).
The conference will close with a roundtable entitled 'European Democracy Under Stress. Lessons from comparative analysis'.
Panellist include Alfio Mastropaolo (Professor of Political Science, University of Turin), Daniele Albertazzi (Senior Lecturer in European Politics, University of Birmingham) and Anna Masera (Journalist, editor-in-chief and public-editor, La Stampa; director of the Master in Journalism, University of Turin).

The full conference programme is available at this link and below.

The conference is free of charge but attendees must register at this link. Registration will be open until Friday 6 January 2017.

If you have any query about the conference, please do not hesitate to contact the organisers.

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Alexandros Omirou said...

Greeting of the Greek < Humanitarian True Democracy Movement >, toward the Italian

Athens 19/12/2016

Dear friends and neighbors, Italian ladies and Italians, we salute and congratulate you on your recent democratic action with the referendum process and for the resistance against the Government's proposals of Matteo Renzi for changes to the Constitution that will reduce even further the democratic balance of your system.

Of course, like the Polity/State of our country (Greece), the most Western countries, whether we are talking about in Italy, either in France, England, Spain, the U.S.A. and others, are not real Democracies, but oligarchic regimes with some democratic features.

In true democracy the Citizen’s are the State. This means that Governments serve citizens, who are the rightful owners of the State.

To be able to refer to some form of modern true Democracy we should apply the following basic principles:

1) distinguish the 3 powers of state (Legislative, Executive, Judicial), 2) Involving conscripts Citizens on all 3 powers.

I.e. citizens will decide about the legislation or will deposit their own legislative proposals, citizens would control the Governments (in principle via a parliament of conscripts citizens), and the citizens (together with conscripts judges), will judge the politicians of any illegal political acts.

Do you know any country in which there are active the above conditions?

We are witnessing a historic crossroads. On the one hand, there are the Oligarchic Globalists (Bankers, Politicians, Shareholders of multinational companies, Industrialists, Financiers, etc.), who are trying to return us to autocratic and hard medieval regimes and from the other side people show strong signs of resistance and democratic sensibility, as the Greeks with the referendum in 2015, the British with the referendum of ‘Brexit’, the U.S. citizens who elected D. Trump and now the Italians with the recent referendum.

Certainly this is not an easy target for humanity as the economic elite will play their ‘cards’ all for all pre text to accomplish their goal. Already doing ... They Have tie the countries with fictitious debts, with unemployment and seeking to grab them the public wealth to load the countries with illegal immigrants ... even in war they are able to involve us. They have done this again (1st – 2nd World War).

But we have a chance. Perhaps our last chance to achieve freedom, peace, prosperity, security, through true Democracy.

We the Greeks, as you the Italians, have a great and interactive story and we are sharing for thousands of years the same sea, enjoying the same goods as the olives, olive oil, grapes, cheeses, pies, fish ... We are dancing and singing under the Sun or the Stars...

Which Italian – Woman or Man – doesn’t rejoice to taste a meal with wine and seafood next to a beautiful and scenic beach? Which Italian or Greek is not dreaming when facing the sea at Sunset or when they are boating in the calm waters of the Mediterranean under the Moonlight?

Once we both drove humanity offering culture ... We believe that It is time to do it again...!

Forward for a European political revolution in favor of true Democracy!

Forward for the Citizens of Europe!

PS - We welcome hugely the corresponding Italian Movement of true Democracy.

The Greek H.T.D.M