Friday, 13 January 2017

'Trumpismo': America's new era of Berlusconismo?

The rise of Trump has brought to light uncanny similarities with the rise of Berlusconi in Italy. This has not gone un-noticed. The sometimes troubling likeness has brought Berlusconi back into the limelight, along with a renewed look at the affects of Berlusconi's policies on the Italian economy.

Radio Open Source has done a profile on 'Trumpismo' as it relates to 'Berlusconismo,' calling their segment: "Silvio Berlosconi: The Godfather of Trumpismo"

A panel of journalists weigh in on the issue, including Italian/American journalists Sylvia Poggioli and Alexander Stille; Italian journalist and Berlusconi critic, Sabina Guzzanti; and longtime financial and political journalist and former editor of The Economist, Bill Emmot.

Listen to our own Dr Daniele Albertazzi, senior lecturer of European Politics at the University of Birmingham as he discusses the 20-year era of Berlusconi, how the left is at a loss for words, and how a succession of Italian leaders have failed to pull the country together.

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